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[5/4] Zero Hour 10x Monthly Wipe|LowPop|Loot|TP|Kits Server Image
[5/4] Zero Hour 10x Monthly Wipe|LowPop|Loot|TP|Kits Procedural Map
2 / 100 players
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 Server Image
Server is currently offline
[5/4] Zero Hour 1000x - All BPs|Kits|Loot|TP|Town Server Image
[5/4] Zero Hour 1000x - All BPs|Kits|Loot|TP|Town Custom Map
0 / 100 players
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A vending machine in Rust


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Frequently Asked Questions

All Servers wipe the 1st Thursday of each month.

Linking your game to our Discord gets you a daily supply signal (/kit Discord), the Authenticated Discord role and access to all giveaways!

To Link Your Account:

1: Type /discordauth in game, you will be given a code.

2: DM that code to the Discord bot for your server.

You can find all the details on our V.I.P. packages in our V.I.P. Guide

We host weekly & monthly giveaways on Discord!

Weekly Game Giveaways:
Anyone with Authenticated Discord role can enter our game giveaways in the #giveaways channel!

Monthly V.I.P. Giveaways:
Each month we take the top 10 playtimes from each server and enter them into a raffle. One player from each server will be drawn at random for a 1 Month Gold V.I.P. package! 10x winners will receive V.I.P. on any 10x servers we run. 1000x winner will receive V.I.P. on 1000x server.* Monthly giveaways do NOT require Discord linking, so if you randomly get V.I.P. at the start of them month, you won! (But still consider joining Discord?)

*1000x V.I.P. does NOT include V.I.P. Vault space.

NOTE: The same user cannot win two months in a row. Active V.I.P. players are not eligible.